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Astrophile (2022)

Astrophile (2022)


By chance, Kimhan reencounters Nubdao, his senior from university. Between them, he’s the only one who can remember the “night of counting stars.” They begin to get closer as Kimhan starts buying all the products Nubdao sells on her home shopping program, continually pretending to find fault in them.

What Nubdao doesn’t know is that Kimhan is an anonymous artist using the alias “Klang Mesa”. When Pete claims the identity of Klang Mesa, Nubdao’s friend and Klang Mesa fan, Nammon, falls for the fraud.

It isn’t long before Minjun, the owner of Nubdao’s show, directs her to play her role bolder and sexier. Tankhun, the show’s producer and Nubdao’s close friend, doesn’t appreciate the direction at all, but no one can oppose Minjun. All Tankhun can do is support Nubdao from afar. Kimhan wants to lift her up as well, so he takes on the new identity of “Loong Nhuad” who sends her messages.

Other Name: คืนนับดาว

Released: Jun. 01, 2022



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